Achilles has been providing HVAC services in Tucson and Southern Arizona for over 35 years. Our extensive experience ranges from multi-million dollar projects, major manufacturing facilities, and large office complexes to schools, medical facilities, labs and clean rooms. 

In every Achilles project, we take great pride in our commitment to our clients and our ability to provide them with a quality installation, unequalled customer service, and the effective use of the latest industry technologies.

We will do the same for you. Let us quote your project.

Achilles brings a great deal to your project:
   35 Years of Experience
   HVAC Systems of Types
   CAD Design
   Preconstruction Services
   Negotiated Projects
   Design / Build Team

And our own in-house Fabrication Shop
At Achilles we fabricate most of our sheet metal products in house. This allows us to ensure a uniform standard of the highest quality and gives us the ability to adapt to onsite conditions and unforeseen issues more quickly. From ductwork to downspout, we offer quality hand crafted products for our customers.

Sean Booth – Mechanical Department Manager 
Sean has been a proud employee of Achilles Air Conditioning since 2008 and appreciates being a part of a company that gives back to the community. With an educational and work background in Management and Design, Sean contributes his skill set to Achilles as a Project Manager and CAD Designer. Sean enjoys mastering his craft and seeing everyone’s hard work at Achilles translate into successful construction projects.